How to Draw a Bunny Rabbit for Embroidery

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Draw a Bunny Rabbit

Today I’m going in a little different direction. I found this wonderful antique 1913 book What to Draw and How to Draw It by E. G. Lutz and wondered how I could use the drawings in it to do needlework.

What To Draw and How To Draw It Cover Page

Since Spring will soon be here, I chose his pages on how to draw bunny rabbits. Not only can you use these for drawing pictures, but what about using them for embroidery on a new sewn outfit for a little one, a towel or table mat.

How to Draw Rabbits


Running Bunnies and a Bob-white Bird

There’s also a page on how to draw a bunny rabbit running with a bird added to the mix.

How to Draw Rabbits Running

These pages can be downloaded or printed by clicking on them, they’ll open in a new window and there you can save or print them.

Drawing Made Easy

Mr. Lutz wrote another book in 1935 titled Drawing Made Easy. It’s a Helpful Book for Young Artists. Or for some of us who aren’t artists but would like to be. In it he has step-by-step instructions on drawing many different items including more bunnies.

Drawing Made Easy


This page has four happy bunny rabbits posing for you to draw and a narrative to go along with the sketches.

Draw Bunny Rabbits

Drawing Made Easy - Draw Bunny Rabbits

Follow the directions given above to save and print these pages.

I tried drawing the bunny and I was actually surprised, it came out better than expected, but I think I’m going to trace the finished bunny and use it.

How to Draw a Bunny Rabbit

Draw a Bunny Rabbit Single

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