Mother’s Day Hat and Bag Vintage Crochet Patterns

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Single crochet hat and bag vintage pattern picture


Welcome to the VTNS Fanpage Freebie Friday!

From a 1946 Learn to Crochet booklet we’re sharing an easy Single Crochet Hat and Bag.

Earlier we shared a crochet pattern from the same booklet that was done in Rows of Single Crochet. It was a Single Crochet Evening Belt.

This set is done in Rounds of Single Crochet. I’ve included a page of instructions on how to do the rounds of single crochet.


Rounds of Single Crochet Demonstration Rounds of Single Crochet Rounds of Single Crochet Instructions

To make these items you’ll need pearl cotton size 5 and a crochet hook No. 4.  You’ll also need some ribbon and 1/2 yard of lining material for the bag.

Some of the abbreviations you’ll need to know are:

sc…………single crochet
Sl st………slip stitch

Vintage Single Crochet Bag PatternVintage Single Crochet Hat Pattern








The pattern is in pdf format so to download it you’ll need the Adobe Reader software on your computer. Most computers come with it, but it is free and can be found here.

Download Instructions: Right-Click the link below and select either “save target as” or “save link as” depending on what browser you are using or simply click on it and save or print.

Vintage Single Crochet Hat and Bag Pattern


Bunnies, Bunnies Everywhere – VTNS Fan Freebie Friday

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We’re celebrating Easter today with several vintage Bunny crochet patterns.

This one is so cute, Peter Snuggle Bunny from a 1942 booklet by Lily Crochet Cotton and Yarn called Crochet House.

Peter Snuggle Bunny Picture

This bunny uses 2 Skeins of Rug Yarn in the color of your choice, some red Six Strand Floss and two sizes of crochet hooks, H-6 and 3.  You crochet two heads and bodies then sew together and stuff lightly.  Download the PDF pattern here:

Peter Snuggle Bunny Crochet Pattern PDF

 Another pattern from this same booklet is for baby the Peter And Susie Bib.

Bunny Baby Bib Pattern Picture

There’s a yoke, the bib, then the bunnies head and body are crocheted then sewn on.

You can find the pattern for the bib here:

Bunny Baby Bib Crochet Pattern PDF

To round out our Bunnies theme is a bunny and chicken Egg Warmer pattern. I’m not too sure how many of us use egg warmers, but they are cute just the same.

Egg Warmer Pattern PictureThis is also a 1940s pattern using crochet. Along with this pattern there are a couple old advertisements. This includes two pages and you’ll find it here:

Vintage Crochet Bunny and Chicken Egg Warmer Pattern PDF

If you knit rather than crochet, I found a knitted version of a Bunny Egg Warmer on another blog:

Bunny Egg Cozy

If you are just starting out crocheting, I’ve made the accompanying page of Crochet Terms and Explanation of Stitches PDF available. Also included on this page is Blocking Directions which will probably be helpful if you’d like to make the baby bib:

Blocking Directions

We hope you enjoy the Bunny patterns we’ve shared today. Be sure to show and tell or ask any questions you may have on our Fan Page.