Cross Stitch Pattern Chart Free Download from a 1922 American Thread Co. Star Needlework Journal Magazine

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Cross Stitch Patterns

Today’s freebie is a chart of cross stitch patterns that include butterflies, floral sprays and edgings. The page is from a 1922 Star Needlework Journal magazine by The American Thread Co. It’s done on graph paper but the lines are light. I’ve tried to darken them with the scan.

cross stitch pattern butterflycross stitch pattern butterfly

The Star Needlework Journal

This magazine in 1922 was 40 cents a year for a subscription, 10 cents for single copies. If you ever come across one, you should pick it up, they have many great patterns in each volume. Not only cross stitch, but crochet, embroidery and sewn items.

I have quite a few of these magazines. Through the years I’ve used them to share patterns on this blog several times. You can find them using this link. The cover for this particular magazine Volume 7 No. 4 is below.

Cross Stitch Patterns Star Needlework Journal Cover

Cross Stitch Designs for Many Purposes

When the magazine says “designs for many purposes” they are right. These patterns could be used for any number of items such as handkerchiefs, towels, corners of a table runner, an edging for little girl’s dress or just the butterfly embellishment, the list goes on and on.

Cross Stitch Designs for Many Purposes

This is the lighter version of the page:

Cross Stitch Designs for Many Purposes Light

To Download the Patterns

Download Instructions: Right-Click the photo and select either “save target as” or “save link as” depending on what browser you are using or simply click on it and save or print.

Other Cross Stitch Patterns

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