Free Basket Apron Pattern to Sew for use in your Home and Garden

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Welcome to this Friday’s VTNS Fan Freebie!

Vegetable and Fruit Basket Apron - Vintage Crafts and More


This apron is designed for double duty. It would be great for use around the house and outside in the garden.


Touted as “clothing suited to your job”, the easy to sew basket apron is from a 1944 US Department of Agriculture Farmer’s Bulletin ~ Dresses and Aprons for work in the home.






They go on to write, “A dress that restricts when you reach or bend, that twists or gets in your way when you stoop or climb may be as fatiguing as a poorly planned kitchen.”

Even in 2015 I think this apron would be a great help. More than once I’ve gone out to my garden, started picking veggies, and without a basket tried to balance everything in two hands, dropping many along the way back to the house.

They suggest using a sturdy cotton. I thought maybe even denim would work. You sew a casing for the drawstrings, they recommend shoe laces, and by gathering them on either side, you form a basket.


Basket Apron - Vintage Crafts and More


There isn’t a pattern with it, but from the illustrations you can see the basics of what you’d need. A large circle of material squared on either end, a waistband that ties in the back and a casing for the drawstring on the rounded edge of the apron.



How to Sew a Basket Apron - Vintage Crafts and More

To save or print the apron diagram, right click on it and then you can save it for printing. You can also use the Print Friendly button at the bottom of the post.

You can find a similar Harvest Apron Tutorial on The 104 Homestead site and another vintage garden apron in an earlier post on this site.

Here’s a link for a short and informative article about aprons from The Blade newspaper in Toledo, Ohio – Aprons are the fabric of history and home.

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