St. Patrick’s Day Green Recipes from 1929

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Flower Babies

Green Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

Back in December I shared a vintage Gridley Dairy order card with sweet baby faces on roses and recipes.  Today I have another order card with more baby faces and some Green Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day. These recipes are from 1929.

Green Corn Oysters

The first one is Green Corn Oysters, I know what you’re thinking, oohee, but really there are no oysters involved, they’re sort of a corn fritter or hush puppy and reading the ingredients they sound pretty good.

Green Recipes Corn OystersSee, not so bad.

Green Corn Pudding

The next one is Green Corn Pudding recipe.  I don’t think this is a dessert, but more of a complimentary dish to serve with meat.

Green Recipes Corn Pudding

These Green Recipes use Green Corn aka Young and Tender

I’m not sure how they came up with the word “Green” in the titles of these recipes.  There’s no call for green food coloring and none of the ingredients are green.  May be I’m missing something, if anyone has some information about them, please share.

Comment shared from Tara:

So, I know I am late to this post…However, I was googling “Green Corn” for another recipe (from 1914) and that’s how I ended up here 🙂

Anyhoo, turns out that green corn is simply young, tender corn…not green! Back in the day, they called it green corn. And NOW we know!

So you are right…there is nothing green about this pudding. But I am definitely gonna add this one to my recipe file! Thanks!

The color green or not, they sound good enough to try for a St. Patrick’s Day meal.