How to Draw a Bunny Rabbit for Embroidery

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Draw a Bunny Rabbit

Today I’m going in a little different direction. I found this wonderful antique 1913 book What to Draw and How to Draw It by E. G. Lutz and wondered how I could use the drawings in it to do needlework.

What To Draw and How To Draw It Cover Page

Since Spring will soon be here, I chose his pages on how to draw bunny rabbits. Not only can you use these for drawing pictures, but what about using them for embroidery on a new sewn outfit for a little one, a towel or table mat.

How to Draw Rabbits


Running Bunnies and a Bob-white Bird

There’s also a page on how to draw a bunny rabbit running with a bird added to the mix.

How to Draw Rabbits Running

These pages can be downloaded or printed by clicking on them, they’ll open in a new window and there you can save or print them.

Drawing Made Easy

Mr. Lutz wrote another book in 1935 titled Drawing Made Easy. It’s a Helpful Book for Young Artists. Or for some of us who aren’t artists but would like to be. In it he has step-by-step instructions on drawing many different items including more bunnies.

Drawing Made Easy


This page has four happy bunny rabbits posing for you to draw and a narrative to go along with the sketches.

Draw Bunny Rabbits

Drawing Made Easy - Draw Bunny Rabbits

Follow the directions given above to save and print these pages.

I tried drawing the bunny and I was actually surprised, it came out better than expected, but I think I’m going to trace the finished bunny and use it.

How to Draw a Bunny Rabbit

Draw a Bunny Rabbit Single

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  1. Kristin says:

    Debra- do you remember the Walter Foster “how to” paint & draw books? I grew up with those and this reminds me of them, although this art instruction looks a bit geared toward younger children. I like the mention of & for all of you interested in vintage textiles, crafts and et al. there are many titles in Archive with great images included. I found a great Arts & Crafts (as in Stickley) textile design book in there, with awesome images to print so someone could create authentic Arts & Crafts items like pillows. You can buy them, new, right now at any good furniture store but they’re at least $300. and more. If anyone wants to recreate those, you must use authentic materials: linen, wool, cottons. Which leads us back to Debra’s eBay store- where I am sure one can find linen items and vintage textiles.

    Debra- I got a new Canon camera & need to photograph some vintage textiles & other items and will post on Flickr later God willing.

    Cheers thanks for your posts these are so wonderful and they make me happy.

    • Debra says:

      Thanks! Yes, I remember Walter Foster books. I have quite a few I bought when a local book store was closing. They’re great. Can’t beat for great images. I could spend days on there! Love my Canon cameras. I have an S100 (old but still takes great photos) and a Rebel T3i. Thanks for your comment.

      • Kristin says:

        Ive YET to upload my photos 🙁 Ive some lovely vintage textiles and vintage tools for knitting etc I picked up that I need to photograph. I can’t figure out the “code” Im supposed to enter for the Wifi from camera to computer. Sigh another problem to solve that takes time
        I think I have spent more time on your blog the past few weeks than doing any actual needlework or crochet! Spring is coming and Ive got to get the ground prepared for garden. Cheers and thanks so much for your cute blog.

        • Debra says:

          Yes, I do just enough tech stuff to get by. Can you use a USB cord to connect your camera to your computer? I have a card reader I use. Stick it in the slot and download the pics. I’m getting Spring fever too. Wanting to plan out my garden and buy some flowers. 🙂

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