A Look at Early 20th Century Summer Dresses – Fan Freebie

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Vintage Crafts and More - 1918 Ladies

Summer has officially begun and I thought it would be nice to take a nostalgic trip back to what the ladies and girls used to wear in the early part of the 20th century.

Vintage Crafts and More - 1918 Summer Wear

This example was taken from a Needlecraft magazine that sold patterns for dresses. You’ll notice each one has a number next to it. They sold for 10 cents each.

The magazine gives quite a detailed description for each outfit. You can see them below. A little hard to read in the post, but you can click on it so it will open in another window where you’ll be able to enlarge it.

Vintage-Crafts-and-More-1918-Summer Wear-Description





These dresses look perfect for summer. Soft, flowing material, cool and comfortable for a summer picnic in the park.






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