How to Make a Doll from a Sock – VTNS Freebie Friday

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Welcome to this Friday’s VTNS Fan Freebie!

Today is a fun project, making a doll from a sock. This is great because socks are inexpensive and you can choose from many different patterns and colors.

This can also be a great recycle project for those socks that have lost their mate.  If you’re like me,  you hate to throw them away because you just know the other one will turn up again some day!

Vintage Crafts and More - How to Make a Doll from a Sock Image


Vintage Crafts and More - How to Make a Doll from a Sock



Mark off legs, body, neck and head from top of heavy stocking. Cut off toe of stocking. Make slit for legs. Sew up legs and stuff. This would be a great opportunity to use up leftover stuffing from other projects or pillows. Stuff doll’s body and sew neck line. Stuff head and sew at top. Paint or embroider doll’s features. Add wool hair.

Take the cut off toe of the sock and split down the center to make 2 arms. Sew together and stuff. Sew arms on body in place.


Have fun giving your doll personality!


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