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Victoria Magazine Nov 1995 Thanksgiving

Victoria Magazine Nov 1995 Thanksgiving


I ran across a group of 1990’s Victoria magazine back issues in my local thrift store.  I had never seen it before and was excited to know it existed. As I flipped through the pages I was impressed by the wonderful articles and spectacular photographs, that frankly would look lovely framed.

Victoria magazine celebrates the romantic living during the Victorian Era and inspires us to relive it by including articles on home design and decoration, recipes, gardening, entertaining and fashion. They encourage women to follow their dreams by providing book recommendations and bios of successful women entrepreneurs.

Many of the back issues of this magazine are highly sought after since many collect them and therefore are always on the look out to fill the gaps in their collections. I’ve sold most of ones I put in my eBay store, but there were a couple I kept that I just couldn’t part with.

Publishing of Victoria ceased in 2003 but fortunately was reintroduced in 2007.  They now have a website and their own Facebook page.  Keep an eye out for them and pick up the back issues when you can, you won’t be disappointed.

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