Autumn is here! Potholder Crochet Patterns and Recipe

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maple leaf and acorn potholder pattern

Maple Leaf and Acorn Potholder Pattern

Since Fall started this month, I scoured my vintage craft books and found these cute potholder crochet patterns. This particular booklet lists a themed recipe with each of the patterns. The one I chose is called Maple Sugar Graham Crackers. How can you go wrong with butter, maple sugar and graham crackers!

I wasn’t sure if you could buy maple sugar in the grocery store so instead of trying to explain how to make it here, I found this site that tells you how. Granted, they suggest you have 2 to 3 gallons of pure maple syrup on hand, but I think that can be adjusted. Also on the site are a couple wonderful tidbits of information about maple sugar.

Now on to the Autumn potholder patterns. These are pdf files you can download, save and print.  (If you don’t have Adobe Reader it can be downloaded here) Don’t miss the bonus potholder pattern on the 2nd page.

Acorn Potholder Crochet Pattern and Recipe

Maple Leaf Potholder + Bonus Crochet Pattern

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